Professional Electric Cold Water Units

Talidex offers an extensive range of locally manufactured high pressure cleaners and washers suited to all markets. From the DIY enthusiast to the most demanding industrial application. Talidex has a wide range available, but can also customise the units accordingly. Fully imported, Cold water high pressure cleaners from 100bar (10L/min) up to 150bar (15L/min), from handheld portable units to mobile wheeled units. All these imported units are fitted with chemical pickup (TSX units with built in chemical tanks).

We are known for our exceptional locally designed and built machines. Each unit carrying years of experience and fine tuning to provide you with a superior unit you can depend on. Our adaptability in designing and customising locally built machines for the most demanding customers, is renowned. Our machines are simple yet undoubtedly robust and are built to suit the local markets conditions and are driven by our fully imported electric motors, as well as Diesel and Petrol engines exclusively available to us. High pressure components are imported from Interpump Group and PA (Italy) and engines imported from Kohler (USA/Italy).