High Pressure Pumps

Talidex is a proud and official distributor of Interpump High Pressure Products fort eh Sub-Sahararn markets. Interpump Group SpA is the world's largest manufacturer of professional high-pressure piston pumps. Founded in 1977 in S. Ilario d'Enza (RE), by Fulvio Montipò, Interpump Group in a few years became the world's largest manufacturer of high-pressure piston pumps, and its products a point of reference for the market. Interpump has designed and built more compact and manageable pumps, more silent and structured in such a way as to make the replacement of parts subject to wear easier. But the defining and revolutionary element of Interpump innovation was the adoption of ceramic pistons, which, compared to those in steel, have guaranteed greater durability and reliability. All pump components are made with the highest quality materials, checked and verified with systematic and continuous accuracy in every production step; assembly is carried out with the utmost precision, to allow it to withstand the high stresses associated with operating cycles.

The extension of the product range to increasingly higher levels of power and pressure begins within the Group, from the experience of Pratissoli, a world leader in the production of piston pumps for the steel industry, the chemical and petrochemical industry, the building trade, the treatment waters. A range of triplex pumps, developed in over 50 years of specific activity in the sector, and articulated in more than 60 models with flow rates up to 420 l / m, pressures up to 1500 bar, powers up to 150 HP, all designed and built for heavy and continuous services.