High Pressure Fogging/Misting Systems

Talidex offers both mobile and standalone misting/fogging units suited to a wide variety of needs.  Our locally built, standalone electrically drive high pressure fogging systems/units used for misting. These units are rated from 60bar (12L/min) up to 60bar (30L/min). Primarily in cooling, the high pressure fogging system used to cool poultry house at chicken farms, on extremely hot days. The unit is not only used mist cooling, the fogging system can also be used area requiring an increase humidity (Please enquire regarding installation of your Fogging/misting system. Talidex also supplies a range of misting pumps, produced by Interpump Group.

Our portable electric Misting / Fogging Units are ideally suited for offices, classroom, studios, rooms etc. They are best suited for in-door areas where there cannot be any pollution (engine fumes).