Double Flanged Motors

Selected by the large High Pressure Pump manufacturers (Interpump Group and Comet), Orange 1 motors' high pressure pumps are fitted with double flanges, two bearings and a flexible coupling. This build has reduced dimensions to combine the advantages of hollow shaft motors (i.e. both limited cost and dimensions) but retaining the features of standard motors (i.e. ease of maintenance). The flexible coupling allows for a rapid separation between pump and motor. Orange1 Group offers you the possibility of purchasing the motor totally encapsulated. The insulation is drastically increased, thus avoiding problems relating to condensation. This allows the motor to be used in areas with high levels of humidity. In conclusion, these motors guarantee high performance, reliability and efficiency. The series of motors satisfies a wide range of power requirements starting from 4 kW up to 15 kW, and developed in 4 pole (6 pole versions are available on request).