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Lombardini Warranty

The products manufactured by Lombardini Srl are warranted to be free from conformity defects for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery to the first end user. For engines fitted to stationary equipment, working at constant load and at constant and/or slightly variable speed within the setting limits, the warranty covers a period up to a limit of 2000 working hours, if the above mentioned period (24 months) is not expired. If no hour-meter is fitted , 12 working hours per calendar day will be considered. For what concerns the parts subject to wear and deterioration (injection/feeding system, electrical system, cooling system, sealing parts, non-metallic pipes, belts) warranty covers a maximum limit of 2000 working hours, if the above mentioned period (24 months) is not expired. For correct maintenance and replacement of these parts, it is necessary to follow the instructions reported in the documentation supplied with each engine. To ensure the engine warranty is valid, the engine installation, considering the product technical features, must be carried out by qualified personnel only. The list of the Lombardini authorized dealers is reported in the 'Service' booklet, supplied with each engine.
Special applications involving considerable modifications to the cooling/lubricating system (for ex.: dry oil sump), filtering system, turbo-charged models, will require special written warranty agreements. Within the above stated periods Lombardini Srl directly or through its authorized network will repair and/or replace free of charge any own part or component that, upon examination by Lombardini or by an authorized Lombardini agent, is found to be defective in conformity, workmanship or materials. Any other responsibility/obligation for different expenses, damages and direct/indirect losses deriving from the engine use or from both the total or partial impossibility of use, is excluded. The repair or replacement of any component will not extend or renew the warranty period.
Lombardini warranty obligations here above described will be cancelled if:
  • Lombardini engines are not correctly installed and as a consequence the correct functional parameters are not respected and altered.
  • Lombardini engines are not used according to the instructions reported in the 'Use and Maintenance' booklet supplied with each engine.
  • Any seal affixed to the engine by Lombardini has been tampered with or removed.
  • Spare parts used are not original Lombardini.
  • Feeding and injection systems are damaged by unauthorized or poor quality fuel types.
  • Electrical system failure is due to components, connected to this system, which are not supplied or installed by Lombardini.
  • Engines have been disassembled, repaired or altered by any part other than an authorized Lombardini agent.
Following expiration of the above stated warranty periods and working hours, Lombardini will have no further responsibility for warranty and will consider its here above mentioned obligations for warranty complete.
Any warranty request related to a non-conformity of the product must be addressed to the Lombardini Srl service agents.